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It is the mission of our consultants to teach customers how to create short term and long term flexibility, increase efficiency and capacity against minimal investments. We help our customers’ employees to develop knowledge, expertise and skills to successfully initiate and implement improvement processes. We support companies in achieving world-class performance. From start to launch of the improvement projects, we help your organization in all areas, with the use of creative methods, our practical approach and with a global reach. Our programs are aimed at reducing production costs and improving performance of the entire business structure. Our team exists out of dedicated consultants with a wide range of experience in all kind of industries.

Keynote Speakers

John Verhees

Responsible  for Large Accounts Worldwide Delivery across the Kaizen Institute. John Verhees leads worldwide deployments for global customers like Philips and PACCAR. His focus is on standardized quality delivery that drives customer specific results. John is a firm believer of knowledge sharing. He has founded a community of excellence with 10 selected multinational companies and is author of the Dutch book : “Being a Director of Change: best practices in Continuous Improvement”. John  is convinced that to make a difference you need to be well prepared and to deliver sustainable results you need to engage the Gemba.Furthermore he has a strong positive outlook on life: he sees eliminating waste as a means to achieve double the amount  of joy.

Maureen Balsters

Maureen has 18+ years of experience as leader of Lean Six Sigma transformations, increasing shareholder value in global companies and Dutch companies. Maureen develops and delivers Lean capability curriculums for the Kaizen Institute Academy, enabling companies to build Lean and change capabilities at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Maureen knows continuous improvement and drives sustainable results through leadership and at shop floor levels. She moves easily amongst all levels, has an extensive training and coaching repertoire and has lived change.

Carmen Beernaert

Carmen Beernaert has 15+ years of experience as leader of Lean transformations, increasing shareholder value in different global companies. As Partner at Accenture, she lead thought leadership development around reaching sustainable performance improvement through operational excellence as a transformational journey, on which she wrote several papers. Carmen is also author of the German book : “Six Sigma + Lean Toolset : Verbesserungsprojekte erfolgreich durchführen”. Carmen Beernaert is convinced of the sustainability of results and is fascinated about the positive impact Lean has on leadership style and the employee satisfaction & motivation.


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