COVID-19 -
Pandemic Evolution, Economic Barometer, Improvement Strategy and KAIZEN™ Solution

During the COVID-19 pandemic a KAIZEN™ Barometer was conducted by Kaizen Institute. The Barometer is comprised of a panel of more than 350 CEOs and Directors of European companies. The survey results were gathered from companies of various sizes, sectors and locations. The purpose of this survey is to gain insights into the state of the economy, to evaluate the challenges and constraints that executives and managers are facing during these uncertain times. In this report, we present how businesses in Central Europe can find answers to these challenges and constraints, can self-assess and plan their future situation in order to recognize and benefit from existing opportunities. With proper guidance, businesses can implement key improvement strategies and actions making it realistic to emerge from this crisis stronger with a competitive advantage.

Learn more about the market analysis and how to benefit from opportunities that this crisis brings with Continuous Improvement activities and strategies. Download the report "COVID-19 Kaizen Institute Central Europe Report" for free:


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