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Line Design in Automotive Assembly

The Challenge



• Low productivity of production and logistics teams

• 50 000m2 of extra rented warehouse space

• Necessary to adjust capacity in order to absorb new models to be produced

Root Causes

• Unbalanced combination of references to be produced on each production line

• Poor usage of available space, with inefficient layouts and structures

• Complex flows for movement of information and materials internally

• Packaging of material not adapted to specific product characteristics

The Solution

Fishbone assembly Concept


• Project management using Mission Control Room, KAIZEN™ Events and Task Force Initiatives

• Layout organised according to fishbone concept: Line – Pre-Assembly – Kitting – Warehouse – Receiving Gate

• Follow-Lead Kitting, Pick-to-Light and Guided Trolley

• Implementation of Pallet-on-Wheels, Mizusumashi principle and Manual Transports

The Results

The project had a Payback period of 8 months with annual savings surpassing £38 million.

Production Productivity

Production Productivity

Production productivity increased by 27%, through the elimination of non-value-added activities

Logistics Productivity

Logistics Productivity

Logistics productivity increased by 29%, through the optimisation of layout and containers

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